Games and Sports -

Games are creative and mindful expression of the human spirit which comes out through the creation of activity which helps in the strengthening of our body and mind.

The students of the school get opportunity to enhance and sharpen their skills with the help of various sports activities organized by the school at Zonal  level, Inter Zonal & National Level  of  Sports Meet. 

games and sports

Participation of our students in Zonal Competitions

Volley Ball Senior Girls Ist
  Junior Girls  IInd
  Sub Junior Ist
Throw Ball Junior Girls IInd
  Sub Junior Ist
Yoga Junior Girls IIIrd
Squay Martial Art Sonam IInd position  in Nationa lLevel
  Deepali Ist
  Kiran IIIrd
  Priyanka IInd
  Neha Ist
  Arti Ist

Teak Wando Ayushi Ist
  Kajal IIIrd
  Tosheeba Ist
  Sonam Ist
  Lovely IInd
  Deepali IInd
Tang Sonam (Inter Zonal) IInd
Athletic meet
Long Jump Kajal Ist 
200 meter Sonika IInd
March Past
Flag Marchers Participated in 15 August at State Level
Mass PT 50 students participated at Zonal Level